Reviews Process




Here at the Solid State Gamer we a take fairly non-traditional approach to review video games, peripherals, accessories and platforms.


Game Reviews

It is a straight forward process when reviewing newer titles that are currently being released in the industry. We thoroughly look at both the technical and stylistic aspects of a title’s overall presentation. We are very strict about pointing out all the intricacies in terms of the control and functionality. Taking into account and being familiar with the current standards of gaming in all genres is key when trying to discern whether a game meets, exceeds or fails to meet them. The aesthetic style of the graphics and the audio/music are also taken into account along with how the overall game play feels in practice. Reviews are conceived and written based of these principles and weighing out the aptitude of these core competencies.

Reviewing older video games on platforms that are no longer supported is a much more complicated process. The methods used to review newer games are also applied to older games up for review, but require the reviewer to do conduct research before engaging in the review process. This research is required to ascertain a few key pieces of information. One is to understand the overall landscape of the gaming world within the year of the game’s release. Another is to research the history of the genre in which the game is mechanically framed if it falls into an established genre. Lastly, researching to better understand graphics and sound technology of the respective time is important. All of this preliminary research is absolutely crucial in order to approach said game in a proper context; the context of the time and standards of that time in which the game was released. It cannot be stressed enough how necessary it is for the reviewer to put his or her mind in that time period when looking at a game from yesteryear. Reviews of older titles that do not follow this approach will not be labeled as official Solid Gamer game reviews, but will be placed in another feature category.


Controller/Peripheral, Accessory and Platform Reviews

There are three core competencies that we assess when reviewing gaming controllers and peripherals that are equally important. The first being the overall build quality of the peripheral. This covers the durability of the housing and mechanical crafting of the components that the player directly interacts with. The second aspect has to do with how the controller enhances the overall experience of the game(s) that it supports and the consistency in which it performs. Lastly, we look at the amount of titles that the peripheral supports. These areas of review are also applied to gaming accessories and gaming platforms. With reviewing gaming platforms, there is an emphasis on innate functionality and the breadth of their software libraries.


Rating System

At the end of every Solid State Gamer review we give an overall rating. This rating system a based on a one to five Mega Power scale without half steps. We feel that it is unnecessary to have half steps or use percentages, which do nothing but fuel petty game forum arguments. Our rating scale is not meant to offer ammunition for folks to nitpick over little things. Instead we believe this scale is the best way to answer the most important question: Is this game, controller or accessory worth your money and time?



Rating V-V

Rating IV-V

Rating III-V

Rating II-V

Rating I-V

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