Features Provided



Here at the Solid State Gamer we provide coverage on all things video games in various forms. We strive to create content that will appeal to everyone in the gaming community in all capacities. These features range from serious or professional pieces to features that are of a casual style for the sake of entertainment. We do our best to delineate this features into certain categories depending on what the aim is. So far, these are the various types of featured content we have on the site:


Written Features:


Our reviews take a professional approach toward ascertaining the quality of a game title, accessory, peripheral or platform. These features are in depth with a narrative that attempts to answer that important question: Is this game, accessory, controller or system worth the investment of your money and time? Essentially, we trying to offer the best consumer advise possible. For more information on our rating system and reviews process, refer to our Reviews Process page for more information.


News Articles

When it comes to news coverage on the Solid State Gamer, we will give some expository information to give our news stories a proper context. We then explain the all the details as thoroughly as possible. These are written to be factual and informational. We do not permit any sort of opinionated spin on our articles. We tell the facts; nothing more and nothing less.


Hardware Analysis

Created by Matt “Off” White, hardware analysis features are very thorough tear downs of video game hardware that reveal the nuts and bolts that make them tick. These are presented either as tribute works that put systems in the spotlight or competitive pieces that pit one system against another to expose fundamental differences between the two.


Audio Features:

The Solid State Romcast

The Romcast is our featured audio program where Jon Rivera and Matt White get together with guests and talk about a couple of current events in the world of video games. The show is capped by a round table discussion of a nested topic in gaming. This could be a discussion could be about a genre or a larger issue or concept in gaming. It is important to note the casual nature of this program, as this is the one time where the Solid State Gamer crew can get together after a week of working their normal jobs. While we do bring up important topics in the gaming world and offer our honest opinions on them, we do joke and banter a bit and sometimes use some colorful language during the process. This is not a program that is suitable for listeners under the age of 18 as a result.


Video Features:

SSG Quick Look

Created by Jon Rivera, this is a video feature where we will play a chunk of a select video game, while adding narration that describes the various aspects of the game. These quick looks are not intended to be let’s plays of a game; rather an in depth look into how the game looks, sounds and feels.


SSG Proto Watch

Created by Jon Rivera, This video feature shows complete and thorough playthroughs of video game prototypes of games that have either been commercially released or titles that were on the cusp of commercial release. We point out differences in the mechanical execution and overall presentation between these prototypes and there final release counterparts.


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