Solid State Gamer’s Channel R: Broadcast No. 1

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Welcome to the Solid State Gamer’s Channel R! This new audio show, hosted by Jon Rivera, is essentially a radio show style time block where he plays retro video game music and celebrates just how great it can get. It is amazing to see what composers have been able to achieve while working within limitations. Join in with Jon, as he explores various songs and tracks from games from numerous platforms, both familiar and obscure. Nostalgia is not required here on Channel R. As long as it is a song for a retro video game, it is fair game. We hope you enjoy!

Solid State Gamer’s Channel R: Broadcast No. 1

For this groundbreaking first installment, we have a fairly eclectic selection of songs quite a few platforms including the Arcade, MSX2, Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), MS-DOS, Playstation, Atari Jaguar, N64, Game Boy and the Sega 32X.


Full track listing below (In order played):
Track 1 – Mission 4 – Shadow Squadron (32X)
Track 2 – World 6-1 – Jumping Flash! (PS1)
Track 3 – Beyond The Galaxy – Galaxy Force II (ARC)
Track 4 – Winner’s Flight – Space Harrier 2 (GEN)
Track 5 – Zanzibar Breeze – Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX2)
Track 6 – Title Theme – One Must Fall 2097 (DOS)
Track 7 – Area 1 Theme – Blaster Master (NES)
Track 8 – Floating Datarun – Red Zone (GEN)
Track 9 – NgLoop – Megarace (DOS)
Track 10 – Fight!! Creature Battle – Hybrid Heaven (N64)
Track 11 – Surface of SR388 – Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB)
Track 12 – Slap Up – Alien Soldier (MD)
Track 13 – Mind’s Eye – Tempest 2000 (JAG)


Cast and Credits for Channel R:
Jon Rivera – Host of Channel R, Host of the Romcast and Lead Writer
Introduction Music – FamiFunk Over Breakfast – RoccoW
Ending Music – wbfdfbgkg – Roccow


Thank you joining us for this first broadcast! If you liked this program or have any special song requests, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of thisĀ  article. Hope to see you next broadcast!