About The Solid State Gamer



Welcome to the Solid State Gamer, a corner of the internet where a group of friends, who are passionate about video games discuss, review and sometimes drunkenly rant about games and/or gaming culture and the gaming industry as a whole. Founded by Jon Rivera in 2007, the Solid State Gamer was created and centered itself around covering all things video games with well written, recorded and captured pieces. As long as it has to do with the wonderful world of games and the industry that encompasses it. Anything pertaining to video games is fair game and is not limited to:

-Video games, both new and old, good or bad, domestic and foreign.

-Video game platforms both home console and computer based

-Gaming peripherals (controllers) for all platforms first and third party.

-Gaming Accessories of any kind for all platforms.



From right to left: Jon Rivera and Matt White (Jon’s about to slug Matt over talking mess about Mirror’s Edge)


Here at the Solid State Gamer, we are a very small group of passionate gamers. Our coverage and content team is currently composed of:


~Jon Rivera [Lead Reviewer/Writer, Host of the Romcast]
~Collector and historian

Born and bred in Puerto Rico, Jon started gaming at 3. Starting with NES and SMS, he eventually became familiar with PC games with the advent of the FPS genre. He is a jack of all trades and is very well versed in the history of the game industry with knowledge of the ever changing landscape at various moments in time. With the largest collection of systems and game titles of the crew, Jon Rivera is an avid gamer and also a historian of sorts.



~Matt “off” White [Reviewer/Writer, Cohost of the Romcast]
~Hardware nerd and PC gamer.

Born and bred in Kentucky, Matt has always been a PC gamer at heart. Growing up with the classics with an affinity for the hardware used to play them, he has emerged as a hardware nerd and an avid PC gamer. Matt’s expertise center around the hardware and software nuts and bolts that make games work on a fundamental level.


As of right now, we are striving to create strong publication for video game coverage that gives great insight into the inner workings of industry, solid consumer advise on what games are worth one’s time and other video game oriented content pieces that are potentially educational and entertaining. Though we are a group of males who labor to present this content, we welcome gamers from all walks of life to join us on the Solid State Gamer. We have an unbridled love and passion for video games and we want to share it with everyone. With that, welcome to the Solid State Gamer!


We are currently looking for avid gamers with writing and media production skills to join our team. Though we would like to have folks from all over joining our content team, we are trying to keep our staff based out of the greater Lexington, KY area. If you have a passion for games and want to become a part of the team then drop us a line at solidstateromcast@gmail.com. The only requirements we have are:

-You live in Lexington, KY and are able to meet up with the group once or twice a week.

-1yr+ professional writing experience (freelance writing is more than acceptable).

-A base level of understanding of how the game industry works, subject matter of game design, and the vernacular of the world of gaming.

-An area of specialization. We wish for applicants to have an affinity for all genres, but this is an unrealistic expectation. Like RTS games?? Then there is your area of specialization.

-Three of your best writing samples (preferably video game related).

-The ability to make deadlines for articles (this is especially important for news writers).

-A positive and professional attitude. We have certain features and content series that give us the chance to be casual and not so ‘suit-and-tie’ professional like the Romcast. However, both our reviews and news coverage are to be written well and professionally. (This is covered in depth in our Features Provided page).


Be sure to send applications along with any writing samples over to solidstateromcast@gmail.com.

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