Solid State Underground 11-16-15: Alterations And Experimentation

Hey guys, this is Jon Rivera from the Solid State Gamer with some updates on what has been happening with the site. Right now, we are still trying to figure podcast timing out, but I have been up to some things in the meantime. Working on my interview with Michael Price of Indigo Moon has taken quite some time solely because I am not a good stenographer and we talked about a lot during our conversation. However, the transcribing process is finally done and I will be sending my work to Mr. Price to make sure he is satisfied with how the exchange looks. Once that is done, the article will go live. Also, I have put up a couple of news articles with one of them being a breakdown of the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast which had quite a bit of useful information.

SSG live test

Just a prototype of the presentation window for a possible live streaming program that, so far, I have aptly dubbed ‘Solid State Gamer Live.’

I have the new set up running now and have been working on some new quick look videos along with some new weekly mailbag entries; I am far behind on those. The idea of doing weekly or fortnightly live streams has also intrigued me. It seems like a good opportunity to get my feet wet with games that I have never played thoroughly and could possibly take that experience to pour into my quick look videos. Open Broadcaster Software has been fun to tinker around with for a few hours and what you see above is the result of that self education. Like I said, I am very new to this. Lastly, I wish to fix and update our main pages having to do with our background, mission statement, guidelines and a code of ethics. It’s a lot of stuff to take care and hopefully we can get it all done before the end of the year. It will help anyone approaching the site to understand what we are all about and may attract more folks wanting to work on our team with articles, audio and video productions. Anyway, I will try to make all this stuff happen. Thanks for reading and I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

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