Sega To Lay off 300+ Workers As They Shift Toward Mobile And PC Gaming

Just announced today, Sega will be shifting itself to mobile and PC Online gaming. The long time console-oriented  development giant will be taking this action to improve profits and create a more stable platform to generate a consistent profit in the future. In a five year period (1998-2002) the Tokyo based firm lost ~190 Billion Japanese Yen(~$1.8B at the time).

With this announcement the vast properties at its disposal this could prove an exciting idea for many gamers of all ages. Digital Games will be set to head this new endeavor after the restructuring.

Also, beginning in February, Sega will be looking to cut at least 300 jobs through offering voluntary retirement to those who could be affected. It’s unclear what this number could rise to including others that are not near retirement and contractors. This will also begin a movement personnel to other digital businesses. Along with this announcement came news that Sega of America in San Francisco will be moved into southern California during this coming summer.

…personnel will be repositioned in Digital Games and growth areas of Group mainly as development personnel, in order to establish a structure which can constantly generate profits. The purpose of these measures is to improve the business efficiency of the Group,

With nothing said about moving away from console gaming, as they released Alien: Isolation in October and have already sold over 1 million copies, they will surely remain in the market to some degree. The release only mentions reshifting focus.



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Super Smash Bros. Now Twice the Chaos.

In an update released today, Nintendo has announced they will now be supporting 8 players on select levels of their immensely popular arcade style fighting game Super Smash Bros. These levels have had some changes however, to ensure a stable environment of play random events and stage hazards have been removed from these levels when 8 people are playing.

Also in this update, a plethora of new maps from another Pokemon Stadium to WiiFit Studio and Mario Circut (Brawl). Eight maps in total, with 6 now having new omega variants, can be freely downloaded via the internet directly to your WiiU.



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EA Sports, It’s In The Game… But, Does It Belong To Someone Else?

White Knuckle Gaming LLC has just filed a patent infringement lawsuit against EA. Claiming they used a technology they already owned. In this filing White Knuckle has suggested manners for EA to follow to prevent further infringements. As well as seeking all profits from 9 games claimed to be using this technology, including 4 in the NCAA football series, 5 from the Tiger Woods series of golf games.

GameInformer was able to contact an associate via a telephone number that is listed for the company, belonging to the home of attorney Andrew Hansen. He works for Workman Nydegger, based in Utah and with a focus on intellectual property cases and is involved. Mr. Hansen said relating to the case:

“The focus of White Knuckle IP is to license to EA Sports,” ;”EA Sports knows about us. We’ve sent them certified mail letters. They just ignore us.”

Among White knuckle Gaming, numerous other companies in related fields have an address set as Mr. Hansen’s home. Including Roman Cement LLC, Voodoo Gaming and Pear LLCs.

As of yet EA hasn’t commented.

In the patent filing dated October of 2002, states:

A system and method for updating parameters of a video game is provided. As events occur in the real world that may influence a game attribute, a parameter is recorded on a server. A video game player may connect to the server and download the parameter. The parameter is stored by the video game and changes an attribute of the video game.

Another similar patent was granted in August of 2009 In two patents granted relating to the case, there does not appear to be much technical information. But, merely the idea itself was patented. Listing numerous situations of possible implementation.



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Elder Scrolls Online To Be Free To Play, And Coming To Consoles

Announced today on their own site, Elder Scrolls Online has revealed beginning March 17, 2015 that PC/Mac players will no longer need to pay subscription fees to roam Tamriel with others. For those who have played previously but interest may have waned due to subscription fees, they will be invited back; without having to pay it appears. For those who will be new players there will be a single purchase to begin playing, after which, there will be no restrictions due to not paying. To help keep the game profitable Bethesda, the developers for the whole series, has added a premium membership option and an in-game store.

Also announced in the same article, the largest Elder Scrolls game will be for the first time available on the console market, Xbox One and PS4. The title will still have a single time purchase of the game to start playing without recurring fees.



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Solid State Romcast: The 1-17-15 Show

Jon and Matt give some updates as to what is going on with the site including video features and more. After that exposition, the two talk about the recent arrest of a member of the Lizard Squad that was involved with DDoS attacks on Xbox Live and PSN. After that, the guys talk something serious about Super Systems Softworks’ upcoming delightfully antiqauted 90’s style arcade racing game called Drift Stage. Enjoy!


Solid State Romcast – Solid State Romcast 1-17-14 Show


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Solid State Romcast Crew:

Jon “San Juan” Rivera – Host

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H1Z1 Server Issues And Pay To Win Cause Uproar While In Early Access

With the recent release of the paid early access game H1Z1 Sony Online Entertainment, the developers, have already come under fire on multiple fronts. Claiming over 9 months ago they would make sure this would not become a play to win game, players are all over the internet are crying foul about whole idea of paying for airdrops containing water, food, and weapons. Reddit user J_Smedley(John Smedley) who is the CEO for SOE said, regarding this very idea, in his own post:

We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water… i.e. That’s kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that.

With this clearly not holding true, many gamers who paid the $20 for early access are up in arms. SOE has taken notice from their own H1Z1 subreddit. With Smedley even fighting back against the naysayers stating it had been made public for sometime. Now, himself declaring that anyone who paid for these microtransactions could receive a full refund:

Hi folks,

If you feel like the airdrops are an issue for you, you may immediately request a refund to – this offer applies till Monday and it applies only to people that have purchased the game as of 10:30am Pacific today 1/16/2015 –

Please note that this is going through us, not Steam. Which means it’s a little more work so please be patient with the actual refund (it may take a day or two).


To go along with this curious monetization of the game, many users have posted numerous complaints regarding the servers, many being on the previously mentioned subreddit. From login to chat issues to connection issues. Again, John Smedley has been active on both Reddit and Twitter regarding these fixes and getting the patches out.



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Jon And Matt Play: Virtual On: Cyber Troopers (SAT) [With Twin Stick]

jon and matt play header

On this second installment of Jon And Matt Play, the guys dive right into the Sega Saturn nontraditional mecha fighting game Virtual On: Cyber Troopers. With both of them using Sega Saturn Twin Stick controllers, Jon and Matt trade matches and briefly touch on why this game is profoundly entertaining and how the fun factor is raised exponentially by using the Twin Stick.Great Stuff!



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Arrest Made In UK, Linked to DDOS Attacks On XBL And PSN

As most will know the infamous group of individuals self titled Lizard Squad, attacked the major console online gaming servers which caused them to become overloaded on some of the busiest days of the year. This method, called DDoS or distributed denial of service, is very simple and easy to do yet, highly effective. This effectively shut down these services causing great outrage from affected gamers. Only when paid off by free accounts that would normally incur a repeated cost would Lizard Squad promise to end and never again repeat the attack as long as the accounts stayed active.

In charges related to the arrest was the use of the tactic known as “Swatting”. This involves usage of programs such as Skype to make calls to law enforcement agencies knowingly false information to cause a raid by SWAT squads on their own targets.

The yet unnamed individual was arrested in Southport, UK. The BBC reports the investigation then subsequent arrest was due to the cooperation of the FBI and UK’s own Cybercrimes and Organized Crime units.



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First Preview: Drift Stage [Early Alpha Demo] (PC, MAC)



Modern racing games are all about the simulation of racing. They focus on the technical aspects of car setup, driving dynamics and what it is like to be involved in a professional race series. This trend can be directly tied to Polyphony Digital’s classic, Gran Turismo for the PlayStation and has since spawned an entire sub genre with similar titles on most platforms. But before Gran Turismo and Forza, racing games were very different. Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of racing they focused on the feeling of racing. The graphics were loony, the music was over the top and the physics were simple.


Earlier this week the gaming community got a glimpse of what that old school racing feeling was like. Super Systems Softworks, a new indie dev consisting of just three members announced their kickstarter for Drift Stage. Having already reached their modest goal of 30 grand in just a few days it’s clear that support for the game is strong and this project will see the light of day.


One great thing regarding their kickstarter attempt is the inclusion of an alpha build demo on the page. Compared to the scope of the finished game it is very limited but it does give us an idea of what to expect. The demo itself consists of a modestly sized .zip inside of which you will find the game executable and the game dependencies. The game runs direct with no installation required.

driftstage title screen

The title screen is fun to watch on its own


After a short loading screen and very old school banner for Super Systems Softworks you are hit in the face with a title screen that draws its inspiration directly form the games it wishes to emulate. Bright colors, fast cars and the upbeat soundtrack make even the menu screen fun. Moving on to the menu screen and you can start to get a feel for the ultimate scope of the game. While only one time trial track under Arcade mode is currently available, the game also lists career, multiplayer, and workshop modes.


currently you can only race against yourself and time target cars

currently you can only race against yourself and time target cars

Even with one track and single player only, the game’s charm comes through immediately. From the first lap on I was half expecting to hear Takenobu Mitsuyoshi come in belting out the hook to the Daytona USA theme. This game feels like Ridge Racer and Sonny Crockett had a kid. The visuals are the perfect embodiment of 80’s gaudy style and the music and gameplay hail from the 90’s arcade racers of old.


The cars are all stock and the physics are best described as Initial D-esque but when making a game such as this that is the entire point. You wont find yourself setting up spring rates or upgrading your turbo in this game. Instead, if you are anything like me you will come to a realization somewhere mid turn in a drift while an epic guitar solo is going on and thinking “yeah, I’m a badass”. That’s what these games are supposed to do, make you feel like a hero without being weighed down with the physics and rules of real racing. In their interview with Kotaku, Chase and Charles said their inspiration was Yu Suzuki. From what I have seen so far I think they have done about as faithful an attempt at recreating the feeling of those classic games without being overtly derivative to anyone in particular. Both Jon and myself are very excited for this game.


To learn more about Drift Stage, you can check out their website and kickstarter.



Jon And Matt Play: Shadow Squadron (32X)

jon and matt play header

Welcome to our first edition of Jon and Matt Play, a new Solid State Gamer original series where Jon “San Juan” Rivera and Matt “Off” White play through some interesting video games while having fun during the process. In this first episode Jon and Matt take on an unknown enemy force in the woefully underrated gem Shadow Squadron for the Sega 32X. This console based space flight combat simulation is some serious fun!



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