Rumor Mill: Pitbull and Jon Blow are the same person

Editor’s Note: To inaugurate our new Rumor Mill category we have breaking news
Illuminati conspiracy?

Illuminati conspiracy?

Breaking news from our investigators, the Solid State Gamer has determined that prominent developer Jon Blow and Pop artist Pitbull are one and the same. Their resemblance is uncanny and we have found no evidence of them ever being at the same place at the same time. Has Pitbull ever been to E3? Has Jonathan Blow ever been present at a Pitbull concert? We say no.

We have reached out to both parties and have received no comment as of publishing. Clearly this further validates out point that they are one and the same.

We stand by our position that Pitbull is moonlighting as an indie game developer. We speculate that he wanted to follow in the steps of fellow bald celebrity Vin Diesel and wanted to branch out into games but was concerned about being taken seriously in the industry. After the success of Braid we hope that Pitbull realizes his talent and vision is respected in the community and he should feel comfortable revealing his true identity.


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